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What is Whole Nourishment?

Wholetotal, full, complete

Nourishment:   food and other support necessary for life, health, and growth

Whole Foods

Everything we eat has an effect on our health. Our food determines the quality of our blood, which affects our cells, tissues, organs, and even our minds. When we eat healthy foods, we strengthen our bodies. When we eat foods without nutritional value, we weaken our bodies. Choosing foods that supply us with adequate vitamins and minerals is essential to our well-being.

Whole foods are foods in their most complete state; they are unrefined and do not contain harmful chemicals and additives which damage our bodies. Incorporating whole foods into our daily diets enables our bodies to become strong and healthy. Once we are physically healthier, we can begin to live a more vibrant, full life.

Whole Living

Lifestyle also plays a central role in our state of wellness. Just as it is essential to nourish our bodies with healthy foods, it is also important to nourish our spirit with the things that make our lives truly complete. Fun, laughter, hugs, relaxation, exercise, satisfying work, time with friends, walks in nature, good books, and warm baths are just some of the ways we can nurture our spirit.

Our emotional state affects our health just as much as the food that we put into our bodies. We know that when we are unhealthy it is difficult to enjoy our lives. We also know that health involves more than simply eating a perfect combination of fruits and vegetables. If we are not feeding these other areas of our life, we cannot really be healthy and whole. True health involves nourishing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life.

Whole Nourishment

Whole Nourishment is nourishment for the whole person- body, mind, and spirit. It is a program designed to guide you to nurture yourself completely by educating you about healing, whole foods, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Whole Nourishment was founded on the belief that once individuals understand the effects that their dietary and lifestyle choices have on their bodies, they can put this knowledge into practice in their daily lives. With wisdom, guidance, and support you can begin to take responsibility for your own health and wellness.

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